Going beyond process and structure
to connect with the
People Experience Growth within


We work from
the inside out

We explore beyond the structure of
organizations, to connect with the
humans behind them, because
we believe that an organization’s
growth is a direct reflection of the
positive growth of those within.

Formal & Holistic Methods
person riding a motorcycle
It means implementing formal and holistic methods of empowering people to be in their power. It means acknowledging that the magnitude of an organization’s growth is a direct reflection of the radical growth of their people. It means embracing the delicate balance of nurturing the health of people alongside the health of the systems and how they inform one another. It means collaboratively innovating, quantifying and orchestrating effective strategies.
The Founder Kevin Erickson
Kevin Erickson

The Leadershyft

It’s time to get real. It’s time to be real. And in a place and space where it’s OKAY to be REAL. Kevin Erickson knows, and whole-heartedly believes, that in order for a business to succeed, the PEOPLE within the business must first succeed — but what does that mean?

Core Values


Everything we create is from a place of sincerely wanting people to experience the feeling of achieving profound transformation and growth.


We create a space that inspires honesty, vulnerability and momentum, the perfect recipe for profound shifts and positive change.


The backbone of our business is built on a belief that being impeccable at the basics will create lasting relationships and significant growth – timely communication, respectful demeanour, and focused dedication are top of our list.

Artistically Advising

We believe that no two clients or challenges are alike, making each project exciting to approach like a blank canvas – creating a unique roadmap of coaching, advising and counselling to serve the best interest of our clients.

“Your organization will grow at the same pace as your personal growth”

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