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At the heart of transformative leadership and organizational success is a deep understanding and commitment to the human element. We believe that the true measure of an organization’s potential is directly linked to the personal and professional growth of its people. Our approach goes beyond traditional structural strategies to foster environments where leaders and teams thrive socially and emotionally. By prioritizing the well-being and development of leaders and their teams, we create not just better workplaces, but also more sustainable and fulfilling paths to organizational success. Our mission is to help leaders unlock this potential, transforming their approach to leadership into a social endeavor that promotes a culture of growth, accountability, and empathy.

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With a dual background in business and psychology, Leadershyft delivers a transformative approach for small and medium-sized business owners overwhelmed by the demands of their operations. Our unique methodology, blending business strategy, leadership development, and behavioural psychology, focuses on the human elements within organizations while developing effective structure and discipline. By emphasizing the development of leaders, we help you create a sustainable path to success that improves the quality of life for leaders and their staff. This holistic approach not only addresses the immediate challenges of managing a business but also lays the groundwork for long-term success and organizational well-being.

The Founder Kevin Erickson
Kevin Erickson

The Leadershyft

Leadershyft offers transformative consulting services that emphasize the human element in business, driving growth and profitability. By fostering environments where leaders and teams thrive socially and emotionally, Leadershyft goes beyond traditional strategies to enhance personal and professional development. 

Core Values

Personal Growth

We believe that personal growth is a gift to the world. This is the foundation of everything at Leadershyft. It is a personal motivation, and it is the reason we exist. 


We believe that every interaction should be designed to contribute to learning and growth. Experience is the lever for shaping beliefs, which are the root of results. 


We believe that courage is a skill. The growth of leaders and teams requires the courage to be uncomfortable, to ask difficult questions, and to hold oneself accountable. 


We believe empathy leads to understanding. This is a hallmark of great leadership and leads to customized solutions for your unique context and challenges.

“Your organization will grow at the same pace as your personal growth”

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