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Kevin Erickson

I love digging into the truth that lies beneath the surface, because that is when learning occurs. I love helping people discover more about themselves, their team, and their business because learning always precedes the growth they are after.

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Kevin Erickson

At the helm, Kevin’s wisdom and broad-perspective mindset will cause you to pause and say, ‘Huh. Wow. Okay. Didn’t even think about that.’ You see, Kevin could be considered an old-soul with a fresh, clear perspective on all-things business. Informed by his already lengthy career, keeping on the pulse of current coaching and advisory methods and, more importantly, leading with genuine heart and soul.

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Directive, Intuitive & Encouraging

Kevin will be your biggest supporter and intuitively knows when it’s time to be directive or employ creative methods to challenge you. Highly respected for his ability to identify problematic patterns, he will confidently ‘hold your feet to the fire’ when he sees potential for profound achievements — equally encouraging moments of space and reflection to acknowledge the triumphs of inner growth

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